Top 15 Best Anti-Theft Backpacks in 2019

Hey I’m Talha Yousaf welcome to my Anti-theft Backpack Content
I am going to talk to you as promised about my new carry on travel day pack which is the pack safe venture save 25 litres make sure you stay around for the bloopers at the end because there are a few in making this content as I share in my trave experience.

So this content purpose two show the top 15 best Anti-theft Backpacks.

I’ve been looking for a new Anti theft Backpack or traveled a pet for a while now so without further ado let’s jump straight in I bought this pack safe then to say off of Amazon I will put a link down below for anyone who’s interested two buy.

1. Travelon Anti-theft Backpack

Anti-Theft Heritage backpack, a classic Style backnpack with a lot of special safety features for travelers. We reviewed a few of their products on our site, like the Travelon Anti-Theft Urban backpack, so we’re excited to share more of their gear with you. First off, if you’re new here, I want to welcome you to our site.

Trip Astute is a travel channel that is focused on sharing ways to make travel easier, affordable, and more enjoyable. Traveling can be stressful and expensive, so we’r looking for ways to help you maximize your experience through travel tips points and miles, and innovative gear. The kind folks at Travelon sent us their Anti-Theft Heritage backpack for us to test out and review.  As with every review, we promise to only ever share our honest opinion.

We’re never influenced or pressured to review a product in a certain way, even if it’s given to us for free. With that out of the way, the Anti-Theft Heritage backpack has a very traditional style and look. The bag is made with lightweight cotton canvas and suede, giving it a classic field backpack look and feel.

Though looks can be deceiving since the backpack has some unique features that are specifically designed for travelers. Let’s start with the features and highlights of this backpack.

Number 1: Locking zippers. If you look closely at the zippers,  you’ll notice that all the main zippers on the backpack have a locking mechanism and loop. This allows you to secure the zipper and prevent pickpockets from getting in. This is especially useful if you’re traveling to places where pickpockets are rampant, like at Las Rambles in Barcelona or the Louvre in Paris.

While the zippers aren’t difficult to unlock, they would require two hands in most cases since thieves tend to pick the easiest targets. This is most likely to deter most from even attempting to try pick pocketing the bag.

 Number 2: Slash resistant body panels. Inside the material of the backpack and bottom is a stainless steel mesh cage that protects your bag from slashing. Slashing your bag, which causes the contents to fall out, is one of the most common ways that thieves will try to steal from you. I actually saw this happen in Rome when a thief cut open the bottom of a person’s bag.  After all his stuff fell out, several thieves came by and ran off with his stuff. Having the steel mesh built into the bag protects your belongings from such an attack.

Number 3: Laptop sleeve. The backpack has a padded laptop sleeve that can accommodate a fifteen and a half inch laptop. I think the zippers alone are ingenious, and I wish all my travel bags had the same feature. It would definitely give me more confidence when walking through crowded areas when traveling. The Anti-Theft Heritage backpack is a $110 on Travelon’s website, but I noticed you can pick it up For much cheaper on sites like Amazon and eBags.

Though if you do prefer to order directly from Travelon, they are offering our viewers 20% off any Travelon products. Just head to the checkout and enter our discount code: TRIPASTUTE-20, which also gets you free shipping on orders over $35. Trip Astute does get a percentage if you use our links. It doesn’t cost you anything extra.

  • Lightweight but roomy
  • RFID card and passport slots
  • Steel mesh lining on package and shoulder straps
  • Locking zippers
  • Locking compartments and straps
  • iPad sleeve
  • Some might say the opening of main compartment is small

2. Kopack Slim Business Laptop Backpacks  

let’s check it out now I did also want to say that this backpack does come in this grey of course and then it comes in black as well so if grey is not your thing black is always an option now. I thought the grey was pretty cool looking at grades a very neutral colour along with black so you kind of put it with anything and it’s not black is just so ordinary I wanted something that stood out and something that looks cool plus grey is one of my colours.

I really like grace alright so let’s go ahead and jump into this bag here starting with the front pouch has a unique little design the zipper is actually kind of hidden which is kind of cool so let’s see what we have in this front pouch here for one I have a wallet and then I also have my Kershaw blade here now this is middle pouch packs a punch so for one.

I have a one terabyte hard drive from Seagate let’s see what else have some pens I have some sharpies in here now there is this nice little mesh pocket that they added which is pretty nice at this price point let’s see what we got I have a new generation charging thing I’ll show you why here in just a second. it’ll be a micro USB charger it’ll be an old iPhone charger if need be but the main two here are the USB to Charge it of course and then the lightning cable for my iPhone so that’s a cool little thing to have it Eliminates a lot of cables in my bag. I’m the one person that really hates cables so let’s see what else I Have in this thank you.

I have a double charger here a little brick that I can throw in the wall for this new generation power deal. let’s see what else we have in here all right now onto the power bank of choice I have this case here from easy ACC I’ll show you why it’s special let’s check it. Out together so for one there’s this little lining here that you could probably throw some cables in you can do whatever you’d like with it really there’s also these little elastic bands to keep the power bank in place now this is a cool little dish enhance oh it’s not jumping around slide around do anything crazy and the power bank of choice is the ICI technology Twenty six thousand four hundred million.

if an ion powered a hell of a power bank packs a punch she’s a great deal for the money if you’re going to go out and buy something from anchor for example at this size you’re talking about spending 60 70 dollars this one I think was sub 25 bucks so it’s definitely a really really good option alright so let’s go ahead and move on to the main compartment here and show you the big guns for one I have a notebook just in case I need to jot down any information.

I’m always jump some things down so it’s always good to have a notebook with me the headphones of choice are the audio technical at m50 X’s now these are great travel headphones because they do compress very very small into a very form of small form-factor at least they are a nice pair of headphones you look quality they sound quality they’re great for conent  editing they’re great for really any general use you might use them for just listen to music whatever that might be but they are great headphones.

  • 10+ pockets including 15.6” laptop compartment
  • Dual layer zipper that can be locked
  • Hidden pockets
  • Ergonomic padded mesh straps
  • Spacious but sleek
  • Formal-looking for work, good for travel
  • Not slashproof

3. Pacsafe Vibe 25 Anti-Theft 25L Backpack

The pack pacsafe  safe the vibe 25 it’s cool nice bring into it so the lovely people what packs they sent me over this to try out and so we’re going to go through some of th advantages of it some of the disadvantages and some use cases where I think this will be a really handy addition to your bag arsenal.

So I guess starting off the looks of the bag it’s a pretty slim profile and it actually looks pretty good at the army colour no sorry me the came is normally my kind of thing but on this it actually works pretty well so the actual overall look is it’s pretty good a couple of features of the bag which are very key to mention are the lockable zippers.

Safety Features

 if you bring all the zippers to the top they lock really nicely really good build quality you put them all in here and you flick this across you put a padlock in there and then that makes it a lot trickier for thieves to get into your bag. which is kind of cool another security feature is has the Oxo mesh which pacsafe are known for and so has kind of Wired built in so Themed can’t cut your bag and takes about that you know it would need a bit of a stronger tool or more of an effort to do that that’s a really nice feature on the back of the bag as well you havethis feature.

Where you can clip this out put it around some fit around a chair and a ration or something locks in so structure-wise I really like it as well. it’s not a solid frame there’s definitely something there which to give you a nice bit of support because not completely fluffy but it’s not like a metal frame like you find in that a hiking back again some nice padding there’s not much ventilation so there’s not the air tunnel so you can go through. But I doubt you’ll be using this and dedicate the hiking back on the sides we have water bottle holders or tripod upper reason as a tripod holder and they’re expandable so you unclip that Then they can go a lot bigger so you can fit stop in there in the front pocket opens half kind of clown show you have the nice mesh pocket here and then you have another pocket here then you have on this section you have an RFID pocket.

So if your wallet and possible in there and people can’t take your details with the scanner key hook always handy then in the main pocket which is a big space again about a half clamshell evening you have a padded laptop sleeve or tablet or you can put water bottle a water bladder in here and have the tube. which comes up through the back here from the disadvantages is the when you kick this all up its plastic I kind of meant that to be very secure I wouldn’t completely rely on this for security this isn’t something which you would lock up and leave it’s just to stop thieves from going to your bag and unfortunately it’s probably gonna go to another bag another thing is because of the exo mesh security it is slightly heavier.

I’m surprised how light it is very months on your 25 liter bag and yeah I mean it’s not you know it’s not heavy by any means is when you’ve witness on the back you better feel it I think it’s a nice bit of kit some of the use cases. where I can see this being really good is it secure camera bag so currently I put my DJ I’m a big pro I know it’s in its case but l put that in here and I feel a bit more secure and it’s in there and then all my camera stuff they have in a grid system these are unbelievable packs a that you can do some of this pretty cool and then that just slots into the front pocket.

I just can’t sits really nicely over back of half C I’m about six foot just to give you some reference and you have no sternum strap can be bit more security I mean it’s not a padded waist belt it’s a very thin clip so that’s just a very thin clip which clips on like that you can do up okay that’s just for it does it help a little bit but I can imagine that to be a little bit soaring on a height I think this has some great use cases security camera bag secure travel bag if you’re going on a long trip and you have a big bag I would put this in in the big bag as your little daily carry now that’d be super there’s a one more use case if you could a little dog in your own on your on a walk he gets tired put him in the backpack.

  • Small space
  • Tight fit for larger laptops
  • Unpadded top handle
  • Poorly built zippers, always get caught
  • Not waterproof
  • RFID safe material prevents hacking
  • Compartmentalised
  • Waist strap
  • Slash proof
  • Interlocking zipper
  • Small space
  • Tight fit for larger laptops
  • Unpadded top handle
  • Poorly built zippers, always get caught
  • Not waterproof

4. MATEIN Travel Laptop Backpack

I bought this backpack is that it actually qualifies by dimensions as a personal item in in the personal item sizes vary a little bit by airline but it’s basically de pack size it’s actually pretty small it depends on the airline that’s flying on so definitely check that out but this one seemed to kind of match both of the airlines that I was flying on and so I don’t have to worry about not being able to take on my personal item or having my personal item count as my carry-on which is a little bit bigger as you can see a pretty nice looking backpack here.

it’s got and of this host houndstooth kind of gray in black and white material it’s pretty smooth it’s not like a heavy canvas but it definitely feels robust and this may teen backpack also expands here so it should hold a pretty good amount of things and there’s a number of things that I really liked it liked about it and were the reasons that I picked it up but let me show you let me just kind of go through and see what it all has we do have a pocket on the front goes down all the way here zipper it right there so easy access things on the outside it does expand a little bit there and then on this side.

Safety Features

we also have another zipper to kind of get in this inner pocket there’s another inner pocket right here behind this bigger pocket yeah that’s true separate pocket Wow so there’s lots of places to get headphones things like that that you might need then we have this zipper which is dual zipper all the way around to get into this front outside pocket we have a keychain clip right here so and this is detachable.

It looks like so if I pull that out you can put your keys on this keyring clip it right there and it’s gonna be nice and secure that’s actually pretty clever for being able to get them really quickly you know if you are parking your car at a trailhead or something like that and want to cook them in there so they don’t fall out so that’s pretty nice that that is there we have a little mesh pocket right here for ID maybe money those types of things we have two pen holders right there in a kind of a narrow pocket not a pocket behind this mesh pocket as well and this whole front cavernous area here would be perfect for full size headphone water bottles and the like speaking of water bottles.

we do have a mesh pocket on the side which will probably be only good for like the bottled water because it’s not they aren’t huge you know I’ll say you know they are pretty big you might be able to squeeze something in here but like the standard Aquafina bottles. it’s probably gonna be about as big as I probably recommend for like cuz now gene is just gonna be a little too big in my opinion then as you can see here that takes care of this front third but in the middle here.

we have how much bigger larger pocket opens up like this we have a pocket on the flap itself and then we have you know a nice nylon lining black fall over here then we have two mesh pockets down here and then we use you might be able to see here we have a USB cord and this is basically I think it’s a basically a USB extension cord so you can plug this into you know power bank and then on this side you have this little plastic blister here with another USB cord so you can plug in your phone or your tablet or whatever and get power from your power bank.

  • Spacious
  • Neatly organised compartments
  • Anti-theft back compartment
  • Luggage strap
  • External USB port to connect to power bank within
  • Durable build
  • Comfortable
  • Attractive desig
  • Durability issues with accessories such as zips
  • no protective pads on the bottom of laptop compartment

5. Oscaurt Anti-theft Travel Backpack

I have an update on the Oscar backpack that I reviewed or semi reviewed about a month and a half ago  let’s let’s check out this backpack I want to just give you my review on it cuz I think almost everybody in some way shape or form has a backpack in their home that they still utilize either when they travel go to the beach use it for business so I really like this backpack.

So let’s oh so here it is it’s got everything that I’ve been using for a month and a half in it right now let’s look at the stuff that I’m carrying inside of it and kind of where I compartmentalize everything so let’s open the backpack up let’s talk about what’s on the outside if you’re utilizing this backpack anywhere in the darkness it does have a nice reflector strip here letters out there are reflector pieces here as well it’s got a nice zipper pocket on the outside water-resistant so it does repel water.

Safety Features

I’m gonna be using that some more on the shoulder straps nice little reflector material here there’s a little pocket here it does not close but I don’t know what you would put in there may be put a little chopstick up in there there are two side pockets water bottle could fit here but carrying my little cellphone tripod in there I just tuck it right there on the side without further ado.

let’s get inside this bad boy so these zippers actually zip all the way down you get an opening but not a complete opening unless you want it you will what happens inside it here it has a little fan type pocket but it also has a Velcro piece that can detach and let go both sides so if you do that you got a full fillet oropening of the backpack inside of here I carry two two computers one is my 13-inch MacBook Pro same size 13 inch iPad pro so if I want to go analog I have I have my notepad this is a nice pocket and can fit a couple a couple computers inside of there if you need to only negative here this little piece kind of the stitching came right off it.

it’s not a make or break for me it still works but I haven’t utilized it anyway moving to the other side of the backpack this is what’s in the bottom or the main part of the housing in the backpack. I’ve just again opened it all up for you I’ve got a couple notebooks I have my cables and digital kind of connections inside of here in this bag so that’s always in here with me I got a couple USB or phone chargers with me always have a book with me or two this case I got Edie cat moles creativity.

it’s got little secret some more secret compartments right here I could even put these little adapters inside of here on the inside there’s a secret compartment for the battery charger that connects to this piece here there is a zipper right here if I reach. I have this USB charger anytime I connect my phone through a USB cable out here it charges it up wind this up and put it right back into that compartment so yeah that’s my Oscar backpack anti-theft backpack as they call it if you’re interested in looking at it more investigating more the link is down below I’m not sponsored by this backpack in any way shape or form but I really do recommend it I really like this backpack.

  • Attractive, modern design
  • Affordable
  • Water resistant PVC coat
  • Secret pouch
  • Dedicated compartments
  • External USB charging port
  • Lightweight
  • Limited space
  • Can be uncomfortable to carry
  • Not durable
  • Not for laptops larger than 15 inches
  • Zippers do not remain hidden once bag is filled

6. AMBOR Laptop and Business Anti Theft Waterproof Travel Backpack

The OC so laptop backpack so this is a backpack that retails for only 25 bucks fits 17 inch laptops.  But it definitely has some interesting features I’ve never seen on a laptop backpack before so without further ado let’s get to review all right.  so let’s check out this backpack so like I said before if it’s 17 inch laptops inside this backpack now this is not a super heavy thick backpack okay.  

it’s very thin there’s not a whole other extra padding which is in my opinion is pretty good because if you need to pack it or put inside the lug of your bag and in case you’re not going to be carrying things with it you just wanna take it with you on a trip or something.  it folds up really easily the shoulders have enough padding to where they’re still pretty comfortable but this material is really nice it only comes in this grey color and this is water resistance. so you’re not gonna get any kind of water if you’re out in the rain or whatever and swinging out on top of you it’s not gonna get through the bag itself.

But the overall has really nice texture to it it has like almost like a nylon type of feel to it so you see on here. we have some side straps there’s little extra support you need to tighten things up right there on the side we do have a pocket right here with a button snap like a magnetic snap so you can keep maybe your phone inside here and here’s one of the interesting things so it has up some ports on the side so on the ports right here is for USB and for a headphone jack so if you want to put your phone inside here it actually includes an extension cable for a USB and for a headphone jack so if you want  to put your phone inside here and have a USB going from inside of the backpack with like a backup battery and you can have this cable coming out of here plug.

It into here or actually the way around you would have your iPhone lightning cable plugged into your like say your iPhone or your Android device going through here and that would plug into this and this will plug into the back of battery that’s stored inside the bag. I’ll show you what that looks like on the outside of it but that’s basically like the little quick access port that it has on the back side same thing with headphones.

if you wanted to have your device inside here but you want to have the headphones coming out and plugged into your tear to your ear so you can listen to music it does include an extension cable as well so you can just route those through the bag itself and keep everything stored in here so here’s how it comes like this okay so keep this in mind let’s say you have your device inside here your laptop or your backup battery whatever it is so the thing that never seen before in the backpack this features is a lock on the back and the top right here and so it basically uses the zippers.

  • Roomy, for larger laptops
  • Combination lock
  • Dual ports
  • Numerous compartments
  • Comfy shoulder straps
  • Not durable
  • Long, shoddy USB cable
  • Laptop sleeve not padded
  • Front compartment only has one zipper

7. Mancro Business Water Resistant Polyester Laptop Backpack

it looks like a typical backpack at first but it has two really cool features that were gonna get into later so we have our regular pockets and small pocket up front a larger pocket.there with some compartments and then the largest pocket for your laptop your cloths and all those other bigger items you wanna carry with you at the size you should be able to carry some border bottles here but let’s check it to make sure so if we station yes. I mean it’s a pretty tight fit but awarded bottle will fit on this side and the other side as well.

So one of the awesome features is the slot at the top you can set your own combination and make sure all of your belongings are super secure I really like this because this backpack doesn’t have a separate laptop compartment so the laptop has to go inside here so then you can just block it to make sure all as well and the second really cool feature is this built in USB port how cool is that I have never seen that on the backpack before on the inside of the USB cable that you can just plug into your portable charger and then on the other side here you plug in your cable for your phone.

 So this is really cool because if anyone has ever used a portable charger before then you know the heading of having to carry a portable charger or having to put it your pocket and have it like stick out in a weird way so really this was a Selling feature for me once I saw that I Just had to get it because I know how I’m going to do techies love to keep yourself nice and charged but this allows you do it in like a nice Inconspicuously and the best part about all of this was that was only thirty dollars so at that point I still had 270 plus to spend so let’s see what I got so in this smaller pocket we have just a simple pair of headphones the Sony step-up.

 I really like them they sounded pretty good to me I mean I’m no audio file or anything and if you’re looking for audio files quality stuff this is definitely not it but it was definitely fine for your average person and the best part they only cost me 20 bucks so as we go to the clack-clack you’ll see that my goal here was to just find something that was really affordable but pretty good quality I kind of thought as like your starter gadget fact that you can add on to an upgrade leader in this larger pocket we just have a couple of things first is some stores you definitely need to have some of that this with Kingston USB flash drive there’s a USB end and a USB type-c end and know he has mentioned this in the past and it’s pretty inexpensive and pretty.

it’s a pen every backpack should have a pen you always want to make sure you have a writing utensil on you but it’s about your average pen it has all haha looks whatever in addition to being a ready pencil it also has six other uses so it’s a bottle opener a ruler a flathead and Phillips screwdriver they also have a stylus and oddly enough.

it’s a phone thing pretty cool but even though this was 1199 I’d splurge because I know you guys could use this the stylus is clutch and also having a float or flat-head screwdriver on hand could definitely be useful for you techies out there and we know no gadget backpack could be complete on this channel without a trusty microfiber cloth you guys know how obsessed he is with microfiber cloth so I had to include it we have two spuds microfiber cloth right here it’s pretty cute all I do is pull out pull it out just like this dude pull  it out and there you go you can clean your device with it when I get Mudge’s and finger prints on them so the fact is not jam-packed with ton of stuff but these are definitely essentials.

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